The SALVO Process is a practical, proven and comprehensive method to evaluate the best strategies around maintenance optimization and inspections. It provides a combination of process disciplines, training courses and analytical tools to calculate the optimal maintenance, inspection, monitoring or testing intervals. The process, with world-leading DST MAINTENANCE EVALUATOR™ and DST INSPECTION EVALUATOR™ software tools, provide an excellent way to evaluate and justify how much maintenance or inspection is needed.

Using simple step-by-step storyboards and very advanced ‘what if?’ calculations of asset risk, reliability, performance and life cycle costing, you can incorporate any mix of failure modes, deterioration patterns, hard data or simply range-estimated expert opinion.

The process includes elegant methods for quantifying financial impact and uncertain assumptions, and rapid sensitivity analysis to such assumptions – so you can also see what information is worth collecting in the future, and why. It also enables you to put a price on the intangibles such as reputation, employee morale and customer impression.


The SALVO Process and DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR suite are complementary to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) methodologies – they determine and justify the optimal intervals for tasks and provide the economic business case for such activities.

The tools have been independently validated by University of Cambridge.  They use advanced algorithms to calculate the combined effects of multiple reliability and performance patterns, asset life cycles and any sorts of direct or indirect costs, such as downtime, non-compliance risks, environmental, reputational or customer impact etc. Simple step-by-step storyboards make sure that all the factors are considered and, within minutes, you can see the business impact of different strategies.

Download SALVO guidebook extract on Preventive Maintenance from the book Asset management decision-making: The SALVO Process

So, if you need to determine and justify how much to spend on planned maintenance, condition monitoring or safety testing, the SALVO Process plus DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR™ is the way to go.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself. A pilot study will rapidly show you both the enormous value of the approach and its applicability to your specific processes, assets and business context. 



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