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We are using DST Lifespan Evaluator ™  and DST Inventory Optimizer ™  software to help us with our asset management decisions. We have been able to make better and more consistent decisions in key areas of business strategy, such as ‘when is the optimal time to replace aging equipment?’, and ‘which spares to hold and how many?’ The tools ensure that all the right questions were asked, cost/risk trade-offs evaluated and uncertainties explored. The software gives us an increased level of confidence to demonstrate why our decisions are appropriate.

Anton Muller

Snr Reliability Engineer, Queensland Nitrates

We have been using the SALVO Process™ and supportive DST Maintenance Evaluator™ to update and improve the maintenance strategies for our electricity network assets.  Using the detailed storyboards built into the software, which provide guidance on the data required for the decision analysis, the process has enabled us to use a mix of data from our CMMS records and capture expert knowledge to quantify risks and degradation patterns. From this information, the tools then instantly calculate the impact of different strategies to find the optimum approach in real cost-benefit terms. We chose DST™ because of the flexibility in the SALVO Process™ that can integrate with our existing business processes.  These features, plus having qualified and knowledgeable experts guiding us through the implementation stages, have proved to be a winning combination in our decision- making.

Sam Gibson

Investment Strategy Manager (Stations), Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

The SALVO Process™ has helped us to identify and demonstrate the optimal timing of asset replacements and the optimal frequency for maintenance interventions. The outputs from SALVO™ are key components of our ‘Asset Master Plans’: we are now in the best place we have ever been.

Geoff Aitkenhead

Asset Management Director, Scottish Water

SALVO™ is proving to be a useful tool in our armoury, providing a robust and consistent method of analysing complex asset investment decisions and providing a methodology of bringing diverse stakeholder groups together to jointly develop a solution.

Richard Moore

Head of Asset Management, London Underground

We were facing the apparently urgent replacement for obsolete equipment to the order of tens of millions of pounds. With SALVO™ we were able to reduce this by 60% and renegotiate support arrangements for the foreseeable future.

Christine Pretorius

Industrial Engineering, Sasol Synfuels

Our clients really need processes like SALVO™ – which provides a consistent, structured and quantified means of evaluating what to spend on their facilities, when and why.

Keith Hamer

Group VP Engineering & Asset Management, Sodexo

SALVO™ allows us to communicate the basis of decisions to a range of stakeholders and, importantly, understand the impact of data quality on the decision.

Janet Ham

Capital Planning, Water Corporation of Australia

The SALVO process™ and the DST™ toolkit is helping us identify and demonstrate the best time to replace a wide range of deteriorating or obsolete assets and also show how much extra asset life can be achieved by overhaul or refurbishment.  DST’s expert facilitation™ services have been invaluable in justifying investment and optimal timing around asset replacement and life extension decisions.

David Deary

Project Support Manager, DSM Nutritional Products

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