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Asset Strategy Evaluators

The DST Asset Strategy Evaluator™ suite comprised a modular range of decision-support tools to guide and enable over 40 areas of better decision-making in asset management.  They can be used individually, or in combination, to evaluate what is worth doing, why and when, in managing any type of physical asset in any type of organisation.  Developed as part of an international, multi-industry collaboration programme (the SALVO Project), they support best practices through process guidance and rapid “what if?” evaluation of options, scenarios, uncertainties and competing priorities.

They are available as licensed independent software tools, or network-installed corporate standards (multi-user systems, with scope for interfacing and embedding within existing business processes) or can be provided via expert-facilitation and consultancy services around the world.   The seven modules of the DST Asset Strategy Evaluator™ suite comprise:



Optimization of work bundling, shutdown strategies and opportunity alignments for projects, maintenance, inspections and other tasks, evaluation of resource and other constraints.

DST Lifespan Evaluator       

Life cycle cost/risk/performance evaluation of asset choices, optimal timing for asset replacement, evaluation of life extension options, obsolescence and decommissioning decisions.

DST Inventory Optimizer

Evaluation and optimization of spares and materials inventory decisions, supply chain and purchasing strategies, operational standby and redundancy options.


DST Maintenance Evaluator    

Cost/benefit/risk evaluation and optimal timing/intervals for preventive maintenance, planned corrective maintenance, performance improvement and asset life extension activities


DST Inspection Evaluator     

Cost/benefit/risk evaluation and optimal timing/intervals for inspections, condition assessments, monitoring and predictive maintenance tasks and functional testing activities.

DST Schedule  Optimizer

Assembly of activity programmes into a Strategic Asset Management Plan, with quantified cost/risk/performance impacts, Capex/Opex or resource constraints and ‘what if?’ shuffling.

DST Project/Change Evaluator        

Cost/benefit/risk evaluation and ranking of one-off projects, asset modification and changes in procedures, competencies, standards, resourcing or risk management options.


Decisions in Asset Management
Decisions in Asset Management
Different asset life cycle stages represent very different decision-making environments and offer different opportunities to influence the whole life cycle value.