SALVO: IET Innovation Award Finalist

SALVO Project

The SALVO Project was a 3-year, multi-industry R&D programme to develop innovative approaches to decision-making about the management of aging physical assets. This included determination of the optimal expenditure and timings for equipment replacement, or changes to inspection and maintenance as assets deteriorate, plus life extension, modification, refurbishment and disposal options and their optimal timing. In particular it was to ‘join up’ the disciplines of what data is worth collecting in the first place, how it should be used, which assets warrant attention on what timescales of urgency and criticality, and how to evaluate the different intervention options on a common cost/benefit/risk basis.

SALVO Launch

On 3 October 2013, representatives from a wide range of industry sectors and backgrounds were personally invited from around the world to attend the SALVO public launch of results at London Undground’s iconic Broadway headquarters. Read full press release?

Keynotes were provided by HM Treasury and SALVO sponsors: TWPL, Scottish Water, London Underground and Sasol which are are all available to watch on YouTube.  Watch?

Availability of SALVO deliverables

SALVO processes are now available worldwide under license as a combination of the following:

  • Process Guidebook (with case studies), now available to purchase online.  Order book?
  • Modular training courses at basic, expert and facilitator levels
  • Modular suite of decision-support software tools (DST)
  • Technical Playbook of step-by-step guidance (licensed with the decision toolkit)
  • Library of case studies