Optimized decision-making in all stages of the life cycle of physical assets


Complete, modular decision-support toolkit

Unique capabilities of Decision Support Tools™ (DST)

Decision Support Tools (DST) provides an unrivalled range of technical, financial, risk and strategy optimisation software to rapidly evaluate options and identify the optimal cost/risk/performance/life cycle value.   DST consisting of 7 modules that cover over 40 decision types, ranging from asset investments to optimal operations, maintenance, shutdowns, spares, upgrades, replacements, obsolescence, disposal and total portfolio, total life cycle management.  

Enabling over 40 areas of better decision-making


…that your intervention or investment plan represents the best value mix of costs, risks, performance and sustainability

…which tasks are worth re-scheduling if budgets change

…the best value way to mitigate the effects of resource or regulatory constraints

About us

Founded in 2007 Decision Support Tools Ltd is the technical products division of the Woodhouse Partnership.  Built by UK experts in mathematical modelling, decision support and asset management.   The company develops and support leading-edge tools, both ‘off the shelf’ and via customised services.    DSTL was the prime contractor for the SALVO collaboration project, investigating best practices in optimal asset management decision-making.  DST products and services are distributed and supported worldwide through the Woodhouse Partnership and other partner organisations.

Let DST help you to transform your business

Advanced modelling with the human touch

DST provides state-of-the art mathematical modeling, configured to business processes and how people think, communicate and collaborate.

The SALVO Process: best practices in decision-making

DST is an unrivalled enabler for the widely-recognised best practices of the SALVO (Strategic Asset Lifecycle Value Optimization) Process.

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