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Pilot Studies

Such services are also popular for initial pilot studies or trials – and we offer very attractive packages that combine introductory training with facilitation of a local team to analyze and optimize a chosen range of cases.

Doctors Surgeries

Try out the DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR™ tools and the SALVO Process with a ‘doctor’s surgery’ session? Our expert facilitator will join your teams onsite for a few days to study a range of representative current problems. This will reveal the scope for cost, risk and performance benefits, and give you a practical view of how the methods suit your organisation, people and decision-making challenges.

Innovations and new developments

Decision Support Tools Ltd is always on the leading edge of new research and development.   And we are currently seeking proposals from specialist IT development contractors to assist in the prototyping work for additional modules and capabilities.  For example, we are currently developing unique portfolio integration and monitoring/reporting capabilities for the value-tracking of asset investment programs.  This involves drawing on multiple information sources, optimization studies, and global program priorities and constraints, using state-of-the-art analytics and user experience design.  If you would like to tender for the provision of software development services to help us, please contact us for detailed requirements and information about the skills, experience, and capabilities that we are seeking for this work.

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