Optimal replacement timing of aging and obsolete assets

How can you truly optimize...

...the time to replace an aging asset?
...the management of obsolescence and upgrades?
...life cycle costs, risks and performance of alternatives?
...design or procurement options?

Aging infrastructure, technology obsolescence, and asset degradation represent big and growing problems for any organization. And it is hard to identify or justify what is really worth spending and when to address such problems.

We often face short-termism in performance goals or cost controls, suffer from incomplete information, and use inconsistent or subjective decision-making methods. But now there are practical solutions to address these issues, developed through the SALVO project. This consortium has created a highly successful combination of structured process guidance, hands-on training courses, an international network of expert facilitators, and unique “what if?” decision support tools.

"We can provide a clear, systematic evaluation & justification for what to spend, and when, on aging assets."

Our solution?

DST Asset Life Assessment (ALA) bundle

Typically in just 2-3 hours our DST Asset Life Assessment Bundle together with the SALVO Process, can help you to perform a fully quantified evaluation of options, scenarios and data uncertainties & sensitivities to identify the optimal strategy.

DST LIFESPAN EVALUATOR, DST PROJECT/CHANGE EVALUATOR and DST StAMP are highly flexible decision support tools used to identify the best value mix of capital investment, operating and maintenance costs, reliability/risks, asset performance and refurbishment or replacement interventions

Used within the SALVO Process, it harnesses whatever hard data, range-estimates and uncertain assumptions are available. And it can be used to calculate and reveal:

  • the optimal asset replacement timing
  • the impact and value of refurbishment or enhanced maintenance to extend asset life
  • the value and best timing for technology upgrades in managing obsolescence
  • the value-for-money and life cycle costs of alternative renewal options (e.g. designs)
  • the value and impact of ‘intangibles’ such as reputation or customer satisfaction

…and a host of other common asset management decisions.

Practical, rigorous,
simple to use…
and rapid!

The Asset Life Assessment (ALA) bundle enables you to:

Identify and demonstrate the best time to replace a deteriorating or obsolete asset.

Make clear decisions even if data is uncertain.

Gain rapid agreement between conflicting interests: find the best compromise.

Show how much extra asset life can be achieved by overhaul or refurbishment.

Identify the optimal mix of CapEx and OpEx.

Select the best value new asset to choose, based on life cycle costs, risks and performance.

"With SALVO we reduced our Capex for re-instrumentation by 60%"

SALVO Process & Decision Support Tools provide transparent justification for the best value thing to do (such as refurbish or replace an aging asset), and the optimal time to do it. The process bridges the gap that often exists between operational/engineering and financial/business views of a problem to identify the right solution. And it creates a clear audit trail to show why is it right, and the cost/risk consequences of not acting at the right time.

SALVO is used and proven in a wide range of asset types and industries, in both public and private sectors. It can be provided as an expert facilitation service as and when required, or introduced through training and support within your organization to become part of your core strategy and decision-making processes.

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