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Decision Support Tools Ltd (DST) is the Evaluator Software product division of The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd.

The Decision Support Tools Asset Strategy Evaluator suite is the first of a new generation of technologies to bridge the gap between technical issues and financial justification for what to do, why, and when. 

We apply the best expertise in asset management, cost/risk optimization, mathematical modeling, and customize the tools, processes, and training for asset management decision support. 

Our team of Woodhouse experts and DST facilitators support a global network of clients

All consultants and trainers all have over 20 years’ first-hand operational experience and long-standing reputations as authorities in their fields, so you always have direct access to the real experts. 

Become a DST Facilitator or Distributor

Want to become a DST Expert Facilitator?

If you would like to become a Certified Expert Facilitator, you can join a growing worldwide community of multi-skilled experts, to learn and share experiences, and help others to make big business improvements.

Distribution Opportunities

DST software is available for sale distributed worldwide through The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd. Individual, group and enterprise user licenses may be purchased together with the appropriate training under an annual right-to-use license.

DST software is also available for companies interested in becoming a distribution partner, under license together with appropriate training for 3rd party vendors. 

The Woodhouse Partnership is a leading source of international expertise to support organizations on their asset management journey.  For 25 years we have provided unrivaled multi-sector experience, knowledge, tools, and training for customized transformation programs and culture change, within a wide range of industries, countries, and business environments.

We can help you with immediate challenges and problem types by using our internationally acclaimed SALVO Process and world-leading DST™ modeling and evaluation toolkit. Using a dynamic workshop approach, we use these methods to evaluate options and quantify the cost, risk, and performance implications – all in real-time, and using whatever imperfect or uncertain information is available. But don’t just take our word for it; we have been supporting major organizations around the world in this way for years. Visit us to find out more.

Can we help you and your organization?

DST works across many industries

Our portfolio of Decision Support Tools has been employed across a wide range of sectors and we have a proud history of award-winning success.

The Woodhouse Partnership hosts a proud catalog of DST case studies on their site. 

The Woodhouse Partnership asked the right questions to quantify the information of our engineers in such a way that earlier, more qualitative, risk assessments and capital investment motivations were transferred, with the support of Decision Support Tool (DST) software, into well-motivated and transparent business cases. As a direct result, we were able – and confident – in the reprioritization of the capital program.
Katleen Switten
Asset Performance Engineer, SABIC Geleen

Role & Purpose of DST

Decision Support Tools Ltd provides the best value-for-money option that takes account of all stakeholder interests, risks, constraints and consequences 

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We would be happy to speak with you and learn how we can help you and your business.

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