Optimal Work Bundling and Shut-Down strategies

How can you evaluate and justify...

...optimal shutdown intervals and work-scopes for continuously operating systems?
...modifications or ‘pit-stop’ tasks to extend intervals between shutdowns?
...which jobs to do in unplanned shutdown ‘opportunities’?
...which inspections, maintenance tasks and engineering projects should be bundled together, and when?

The SALVO Process covers all sorts of decision types such as the optimal timings and strategies for inspections, planned maintenance, replacement, modifications, spares etc. They provide methods for quantifying uncertain costs, risks, performance and intangible factors. Used with the DST software tools, they provide instant ‘what if?’ evaluation of options and scenarios, using life cycle costing, reliability engineering and economic optimization maths independently validated by Cambridge University.

Release value by replacing inefficient subjective methods of assessing shutdown, outage and turnaround cycles with visible, objective evaluation methods and tools.

Our Solution?

DST Turnaround Bundle. 

Explore and identify the optimal bundling of work to share downtime, logistics or resources. Our DST modules provide a comprehensive, quantified business impact of shutdown strategies and task alignments.

Using simple ‘storyboards’, these tools help you to capture expert knowledge, quantify risks and degradation patterns (with rigorous handling of uncertainty and range estimates).

Shutdown-critical tasks are then evaluated for optimal timing or intervals, along with cost, risk and performance effects of sub-optimal timing.

The bundling stage then explores shared timing, downtime and parallel work opportunities, with budget,  resources and legal compliance constraints.

The DST Turnaround Bundle uses advanced
‘Genetic Algorithms’ to find the optimal combination of tasks
and timings, while retaining full transparency of costs, risks,
performance, resources and compliance implications.

Our cost/risk/performance optimization process and Decision Support Tools enables you to:

Extend intervals
between shutdowns.

Identify which projects or tasks can be deferred with the least risk and business impact.

Identify which planned maintenance/inspection tasks should be brought forward to take advantage of unplanned shutdowns.

Define optimal ‘campaign’ maintenance or work bundles and timings for remote site visits.

Identify and eliminate ‘bottleneck’ tasks and resource
constraints to deliver the optimal work programme.

Further manual ‘what if?’ studies also enable real-time exploration of task deferments or re-timings, showing instantly the performance, cost and risk implications.

A unique, fully quantified process to determine and justify optimal shutdown intervals and work timing/bundling.

Decision Support for Asset Management

The SALVO multi-industry research and development project has yielded a breakthrough in quantified decision support for work bundling and shutdown strategies. In petrochemical sites, utility networks and manufacturing plants around the world, planned downtime has been reduced by up to 50% through the SALVO Process.

Advanced modeling tools explore the implications of millions of potential work programs to find the best value mix of planned expenditures, failure risks, asset performance and downtime impacts, all within any resource or timing constraints.

These ‘what if?’ tools, with a structured process for guided capture and quantification of expert knowledge, enable real-world knowledge and decision options to be explored and converted  instantly into economic significance.

DST Modules

Discover how the full suite of DST Modules combines to benefit your organization. 

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