Cost, Risk and Performance
Optimization of Inspections and Maintenance

How can you make a robust and convincing business case

...preventative maintenance (even when asset deterioration and failure risks are uncertain)?
...optimal intervals for inspection/maintenance?
...opportunity based maintenance?
...condition monitoring, inspections or testing?

There are plenty of tools, such as Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), for helping to determine what sort of maintenance or condition monitoring is appropriate. But they do not really address the final, vital step of determining how much maintenance or inspection is optimal. ‘Engineering judgement’ and ‘rule-based’ methods are extremely poor at choosing the right intervals or intervention timing.

We can help you to quantify the business case for your strategies, plans and projects. Enabling you to explore, instantly, the costs, risks and performance implications of different options and scenarios.

"Identify, quantify and demonstrate WHY maintenance or inspections are needed, and WHEN"

Our Solution?

DST Maintenance Spending Optimization (MSO) Bundle

The SALVO Process and Decision Support Tools provide a practical, proven, and comprehensive method to evaluate the best strategies around maintenance optimization and inspections.

It provides a combination of process disciplines, training courses and analytical tools to calculate the optimal maintenance, inspection, monitoring or testing intervals. World-leading DST MAINTENANCE EVALUATOR, DST PROJECT/CHANGE EVALUATOR and DST INSPECTION EVALUATOR software modules, provide the mathematical disciplines to evaluate and justify how much maintenance or inspection is needed.

Using our unique step-by-step storyboards and advanced ‘what if?’ calculations of asset risk, reliability, performance and life cycle costing, you can incorporate any mix of failure modes, deterioration patterns, hard data or simply range-estimated expert opinion.

Our cost/risk/performance optimization process and Decision Support Tools enables you to:

Prove that
planned maintenance
is worthwhile

Calculate the
optimal maintenance, inspection and testing intervals

Quantify the economic and risk impact of deferring or cancelling
maintenance tasks

Demonstrate the ‘cost of uncertainty’ (and financial benefit of getting
better data)

Put a price on the ‘intangibles’ of reputation, morale and customer

Calculate the
‘cost of compliance’
with mandatory requirements

Calculate the financial benefit of projects to remove/reduce mandatory constraints

Capture an audit trail for why maintenance or inspections are needed,
and when.

Unique combination of structured thinking, cross-disciplinary collaboration, guidance and instant 'what if' evaluation tools.

An integrated process

The SALVO processes and tools also fit naturally into both the development of new asset management strategies or reviews of existing activities.

This extends existing best practices for developing new asset management strategies, and for review and optimization of existing activities. Complementary to RCM or RBI methods, they bridge the gap between the technical view and the business/financial view of assets and their maintenance requirements.

Using simple ‘storyboards’, these tools help to capture expert knowledge, quantify risks and degradation patterns (including uncertainty in any assumptions) and instantly calculate the impact of different strategies to find the optimum approach.

Scenarios can be developed in minutes, so you can explore the effect of different design modifications, asset criticalities, operating strategies, vendors, maintainers or any other option.

In all cases, the results are displayed in clear graphical and tabular forms, along with auto conclusions that identify and
explain the key findings.

DST Modules

Discover how our DST MSO Bundle combines with the other DST modules to benefit your organization. 

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