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DST Tools have been employed across a wide range of sectors.

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Decision Support Tools have been used across multiple industries worldwide by the team at The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd. and is evidence of some of the great work we have completed for many happy customers. Almost all our work comes from word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations – we have a proud history of satisfied customers and award-winning success.

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Our portfolio of Decision Support Tools has been employed across a wide range of sectors and we have a proud history of award-winning success.

The Woodhouse Partnership hosts a catalog of DST case studies on their site. 

The Woodhouse Partnership asked the right questions to quantify the information of our engineers in such a way that earlier, more qualitative, risk assessments and capital investment motivations were transferred, with the support of Decision Support Tool (DST) software, into well-motivated and transparent business cases. As a direct result, we were able – and confident – in the reprioritization of the capital program.
Katleen Switten
Asset Performance Engineer, SABIC Geleen

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Oil & Gas

Modern, integrated concepts of Asset Management emerged, with our help, from North Sea O&G practices to become accepted as best practices worldwide. These include decision-making that optimizes costs, risks, performance, and sustainability – where our SALVO process and DST toolkit help to ensure consistency, transparency, and consensus-building, with full business-case rigor and state-of-the-art modeling. Case studies range from optimized ESD testing for remote gas fields to well intervention strategy, optimal maintenance regimes for treatment, plant and optimization of capital investment portfolios and programs.

Electrical Utilities

Power generation, transmission and distribution clients around the world use DST for

  • optimal asset investment planning
  • life cycle costing
  • optimizing inspection, testing planned, and predictive maintenance
  • outage and shutdown strategies
  • spares and materials inventory

The integrated approach to people, processes and tools is really building a robust asset management environment in ISA CTEEP and helping us to act as a team instead of “silos”. And, just 12 months into the 3-year roadmap, this is already yielding evident culture change as well as multi-million dollar benefits.”

Renato Bossolan
Asset Management Programme Manager, ISA CTEEP, Brazil.


We offer widely proven, rigorous methods for optimizing the capital investment plans, operational maintenance, possession strategies, and critical spares for rail and road infrastructure and rolling stock/vehicle fleets.  These provide complete line-of-sight coherence between board-level strategies, regulatory commitments, and constraints down to the skills, tools, and accountabilities needed for individual tactical and operational decisions.   DST ensures total transparency, business case rigor, and stakeholder consensus.

Determining the timing for the renewal of signaling interlockings as they approach life expiry was critical for the business. These are high-value assets and we needed a robust methodology to enable us to analyze the costs and risks and identify the optimum replacement timing. The SALVO/LCO process and DST suite of tools developed by Woodhouse allowed us to undertake this assessment and provide the necessary assurance that we were looking for. The process and tools cover a wide variety of decision types, so we are using them for decision support in many areas of asset management planning.
Steve Tijou. Asset Strategy Manager, Signals and Control Systems, Sydney Trains, Australia

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Process & Petrochemical

World-leading methods for optimizing asset utilization, maintenance, reliability, and life cycle costs.  These include optimal timing for renewal, upgrades and modifications, optimal shutdown/turnaround strategy (scope and intervals), and strategic spares.  Our tools and techniques have been used to reduce planned downtime by 50% on some of the world’s largest oil refineries and chemical plants.

We were facing the apparently urgent replacement for obsolete equipment to the order of tens of millions of pounds. With SALVO and DST we were able to reduce this by 60% and renegotiate support arrangements for the foreseeable future.

Christine Pretorius
Industrial Engineering, Sasol Synfuels, South Africa

Water Utilities

With extensive experience in water and wastewater sectors around the world, our tools and methods are used for optimizing maintenance, investment, and asset life cycles.   Uniquely they help to quantify the ‘intangibles’ and identify the optimal mix of Capex, Opex, service levels, and sustainability, with a clear business case for regulatory and other stakeholder assurance.

The SALVO Process and DST has helped us to identify and demonstrate the optimal timing of asset replacement and the optimal frequency for maintenance interventions. The outputs from SALVO are key components of our Asset Masterplans: we are now in the best place we have ever been”
Geoff Aitkenhead
Asset Management Director, Scottish Water, UK

Head to the Woodhouse Partnership to view the Case Study


Linking mission-critical prioritization of resources, investment and facility utilization with adequate consideration of maintenance, sustainability and logistics can be difficult, especially with fragmented responsibilities and staff turnover.  Our unique SALVO Process and DST tools ensure that the right trade-offs are evaluated and consensus achieved for what is worth doing, spending, why and when.   They enable optimization of the whole life cycle costs, reliability and performance at the individual asset level, at site/establishment levels and for the total portfolio/program.


DST has enabled radical changes in shutdown strategies, maintenance regimes, spares and asset investment planning for some of the biggest and best-known manufacturing organizations in the world.  Pirelli Tyres and SABIC Innovative Plastics, for example, were able to reduce their planned shutdowns by 50%.  And we have consistently generated 20-40% savings in costs of predictive, preventive, corrective maintenance and critical spares, with full-rigor reliability, performance and sustainability modelling.

“In the area of turnaround management optimization and aged assets assessment, The Woodhouse Partnership has been of tremendous help to move from qualitative, emotional and subjective statements, to solid analysis using a mix of real data and tacit knowledge, to support our asset strategy decisions.”

John Bruijnooge,
Former Director Technical Services, SABIC

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Sustainable Energy

As the energy transition accelerates, we are among the leaders in establishing the skills, tools and processes for optimizing whole life cycle value in wind and solar assets. From investment program prioritization to maintenance and outage strategies, spares/inventory decisions and optimal management of technology obsolescence and renewals. Our SALVO Process and DST toolkit enable clear business case justification for what is worth doing, when and why – even if available data is incomplete and uncertain.


DST provides world-leading solutions for optimizing the investment, refurbishment and operational maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and facilities. We have established customized and off-the-shelf life cycle management processes, skills and tools for all sorts of facility management environments, ranging from healthcare, education, manufacturing, mining and FM service organizations.

“This model helped us create unique and flexible technical services offering that has filled a significant gap in the marketplace. The results have been impressive.”

Nick Thompson MSc
Group VP; Asset Management Deployment & Support, SODEXO

Head to the Woodhouse Partnership to read the case study


We provide unique methods and tools to help determine the optimal intervention strategies for mining equipment, processing plant, materials transport systems, and infrastructure. Our extensive experience ranges from optimizing the maintenance of ore crushing plant and concentrators to critical spares inventory, shutdown strategies and obsolescence management/asset renewal timing, and business case justifications. And we do this with whatever mix of hard data and local knowledge is available – building real decision-making skills and comprehensively bridging the gap between technical/engineering viewpoints and financial/investor/regulator interests

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