DST & the SALVO Process

Whether you are facing budget cuts, changes in priorities or just trying to ‘keep the lights on’, making the right asset strategy decisions has never been so critical.

All such decisions are rapidly, transparently and robustly addressed by applying our world-leading DST Evaluators alongside the internationally acclaimed SALVO Process.


The SALVO Project was a 4-year cross-sector R&D collaboration that addressed best practices in decision-making for asset management.  The resulting SALVO Process has proven to be a very robust and flexible template for building a rigorous ‘decision-making framework’ in any organisation.  This ensures that decisions are value-based and provide consistency, transparency and governance in determining what is worth doing, why and when.

The SALVO Process is supported by Decision Support Tools to monetize the options and impacts (including the ‘intangibles), handle the trade-offs, explore uncertainties and find the optimal strategy.  The modular toolkit supports all sorts of decisions, in all stages of the asset life cycle, from individual intervention justifications and timings up to the optimization of whole portfolios and investment or intervention programmes.

Derived from the multi-sector SALVO collaboration project

Step 1 provides the guidance to ensure we target the most important and urgent issues (problems or opportunities).

Step 2 helps us to characterise the true nature of the issue/opportunity (scope, root causes, real impact etc).

Step 3 stimulates lateral thinking in the identification of potential solutions and options.

Step 4 is where options are evaluated and compared in terms of value-for-money, exploring trade-offs, optimal timing, uncertainty, risk and sustainability.

Step 5 helps us to combine the individually worthwhile activities into optimal ‘bundles’ and delivery programmes.

Step 6 guides the final assembly of the total program, retaining transparent justification and optimized within global constraints and changing priorities.

SALVO is a fully developed, well-proven and highly adaptive framework for asset management decision-making. It provides process transparency, governance, a competency development path, advanced modelling, and optimization tools. No other approach comes close to SALVO in scope, practicality, and effectiveness in building the skills, processes, disciplines, tools and delivery of tangible benefits. 

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We can help you to customize and implement SALVO within your organization, with training, tools and support. Or we can provide the methods as a service of analysis and optimization through our expert facilitators.

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The SALVO Process plus the DST Strategy Evaluator toolkit represent a unique and comprehensive solution.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself. A pilot study will rapidly show you both the enormous value of the approach and its applicability to your business environment, assets and decisions to be taken.

Applications of SALVO and DST range across all the investment, operations, maintenance, renewal and logistics support decisions .

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