Develop competencies in asset management decision-making

Developing competencies in asset management decision-making, the 6-step SALVO Process provides a clear, logical and flexible way of joining up many existing processes and tools for:

  • Problem identification
  • Investigation and analytics
  • Selection of appropriate solutions
  • Evaluation and business case justification
  • Strategy optimization, resourcing and budgeting

And a key part of this is the understanding of how the elements fit together. We offer leading education and training programmes using an integrated approach, and courses range from senior management briefings, to in-depth, certified expert practitioner and facilitator programmes.

We are passionate about building capability, competency and confidence with our clients.  And we combine classroom training (or distance learning) with onsite facilitation support and coaching during workplace assignments. This ensures that not only are the underlying concepts understood, but they are also converted to real practical capability and value, through first-hand experience of how and when to apply them effectively.

In almost all cases, the studies performed during the training programme, reveal benefits that exceed the cost of the whole implementation (training, facilitation, software licensing and support).


The SALVO Process represents a basic set of required competencies in any organisation. These include the skills to determine which problems or issues are the most critical and most urgent (not always the same!), the diagnostic processes to determine the true nature of the issue and what options or solutions exist, and the disciplined cost/risk/benefit evaluation of those options, including their optimal timing. And it is not enough just to have the analytical skills – the SALVO competencies include how to interpret, explain and justify the resulting optimal strategies.

The International SALVO consortium has developed a multi-level Competencies Framework for good practices in asset management decision-making. This defines the subject knowledge and practical application skills required to:

  • Participate and contribute effectively in asset management decisions
  • Lead such studies, including usage of appropriate decision-support software tools
  • Management-level understanding of the processes and endorsement of the results
  • DST Certified Expert/Facilitator – multi-skilled facilitator, programme leader and ‘super-user’ of decision-support methods

We also offer comprehensive Skills Assessment and Gap Analysis services – identifying the areas for improvement and their criticalities, along with the best ways of addressing them. We have an unparalleled range of courses, ‘blended learning’ methods and coaching services to ensure that core competencies are established and maintained.


Our training is particularly valuable to build understanding of business value-for-money in technical staff. With a wide range of modular courses, we can help you to instil more consistent decision criteria, communication skills, collaboration between departments and quantification methods for risks and even the ‘intangibles’, such as reputation, employee morale and customer satisfaction.


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