Decision Support Tools Ltd is a leader in quantified cost, risk, performance and life cycle optimization of physical assets


Decision Support Tools Ltd develops, supports and customises the best tools, processes and training for asset management decision support in over 40 areas of typical problem-solving. This includes investment justification and timing, inspection and maintenance strategies, spares requirements, shutdowns strategies, equipment replacement timing, obsolescence management.

Founded in 2007, and based in Newbury UK, Decision Support Tools Ltd is the technical products division of The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd (TWPL). The company acquired Asset Performance Tools Ltd (APT) in 2007, and has been the primary development contractor for the international SALVO Project – a multi-industry collaboration programme developing best practices in asset management decision-making.

Decision Support Tools Ltd has some of the best concentrations of expertise in asset management, cost/risk optimization, mathematical modelling and software development.

We also have a strategic R&D partnership with the University of Cambridge, and have distributor/licensing arrangements with a range of partner organisations around the world.


Please contact us for more information on + 44 (0) 1635 299200 or email