New Innovations

The existing DST modules provide the primary capabilities to transform how an organisation’s CapEx is evaluated and justified and portfolio/programmes are optimised at site, region and global levels, but we have identified further areas of desirable customisation/extension.

The Woodhouse Partnership is developing a programme tracking, multi-database access and remote management, auto-calculation and reporting of business benefits.  This module will provide programme management facilities and performance monitoring at local/site, regional and global (including access to DST multiple site secure databases).  

The DST Program Managers toolkit

The DST Programme Manager’s Toolkit will be a web (browser-based) application, integrated directly with the DST modules and databases used by the organization’s affiliates.  It serves as the central management facility for coordinating, tracking, and reporting across a distributed Enterprise-wide community of DST software users and certified DST facilitators. It will also serve as the central point for the aggregation of site data, regional data, and global data in relation to CapEx studies, their progress, and their results.

User tracking certified Facilitators and software users will be provided to facilitate tracking of affiliate capabilities and provision of DST software access, software updates/maintenance, competency tracking and communications (e.g. for supporting user networks or community of practice).

DST studies program management also includes individual project progress tracking, assignment and follow-up of support activities, to assist in maintaining momentum, chasing progress, ensuring standards, local and group-wide communications etc.

It also includes a performance management dashboard, drawing data directly from DST databases.  This includes ‘drill down’ views into the DST project evaluations, with tracking and automatic benefits calculations from individual studies and their progress, validation, and approval status.  The dashboard will also report the status of affiliates’ study facilitators.  The dashboard will have filters for time periods, affiliates/regions, project types/Capex classes etc. 

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We opening an ‘invitation to tender‘ to those wishing to support this exciting development to get in touch with us at to find out more.

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