Facing any asset investment decisions?


For any asset investment decisions, Decision Support Tools Ltd  can provide a process which is structured to bring cross-disciplinary knowledge together, achieve consensus and capture an audit trail for why a project or proposal is good or bad. So for equipment or technical change projects, this turns a technical justification into language (and pictures) that the finance department can also understand.

The same process also works for all other sorts of changes, investments or projects – anything that can be represented as a ‘before and after’ evaluation, or the evaluation of option A versus option B (or C, D, E etc). So proposals for reorganisation, or a training course, or procedure changes can all be screened for costs, risks and benefits in a consistent manner. This allows you to compare totally dissimilar options for their value opportunity, and demonstrate that you are using available budgets and resources in the best possible way.

Widely proven in industries such as petrochemicals, manufacturing, transport, utilities and others, the DST PROJECT/CHANGE EVALUATOR is a highly configurable software tool, which should used by every engineer to help make good asset investment decisions.


If your investment faces costs, performance or risks that might change with time, you may need to perform a life cycle cost and whole life appraisal. In which case, the DST LIFESPAN EVALUATOR software tool will support your cost/benefit and options analysis. The SALVO Process provides a consistent discipline, and is supported by state-of-the-art analytics that quantify the assumptions, uncertainties, risks and value-for-money.

DST LIFESPAN EVALUATOR incorporates all the necessary reliability engineering, life cycle costing, risk and financial modelling mathematics, as well as intuitive guidance, graphics, range-estimating and sensitivity-testing for uncertain assumptions and forecasts.

With increasing demands to demonstrate the right investment choices are made on a value-for-money basis, the SALVO Process and DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR will ensure that you:

  • Identify the optimal mix of capex, opex, risk and performance – and optimal asset life cycle.
  • Can demonstrate which projects or options offer best value, and why
  • Use scarce resources or limited budgets for the optimal mix of activities
  • Rapidly identify the decision-critical assumptions – and avoid wasting time in researching information that does not affect the decision.


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