The SALVO Process is a unique, logical and transparent method for determining the optimal shutdown strategy for critical asset systems.  It provides a structured, common-sense process, state-of-the-art analysis and evaluation tools, and a systematic competency/training programme to enable you to evaluate shutdown timings and work scopes. Using systematic ‘storyboards’, the process helps you to capture, filter and exploit all sources of knowledge about asset risks, costs and performance. This includes methods to quantify uncertain costs, risks and intangible factors such as reputation and customer impression.


The process incorporates a world-leading analytical aid, DST SCHEDULE OPTIMIZER™ to find the optimal combination of tasks and shutdown timings/intervals. This advanced ‘what if?’ tool can rapidly explore billions of possible permutations to find the best value strategy, incurring the lowest combination of asset life cycle costs, risks, performance losses and system downtime. This enables to you to evaluate how much you can extend intervals between planned shutdowns, or which planned maintenance/inspection tasks should be rescheduled to take advantage of unplanned shutdowns.

It is the most logical, transparent and robust method available to determine and justify optimal shutdown intervals and work scopes for any continuous operating systems (such as process plant, utilities, transport networks etc).

The SALVO Process for optimizing shutdown strategies has been consistently and spectacularly successful, typically reducing annual planned downtime by 28-50% in organisations such as Sasol (oil refining), Sabic (petrochemicals and plastics), Pirelli (tyres) and Santos (gas). But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself. A pilot study will rapidly show you both the enormous value of the approach and its applicability to your specific processes, assets and business context.


Download extracts from the SALVO guidebook Asset management decision-making: The SALVO Process

Optimal Bundling of Activities for Delivery (Shutdowns and Turnaround Optimisation)


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