Making more vitamins with the SALVO Process & DST

Benefits of the SALVO Process

DSM Nutritional Products (DSM) have been using the SALVO process and the DST toolkit to help them make better decisions about replacement and/or upgrading of aging production equipment.

The Dalry site was established in southern Scotland in 1958 as a single production line manufacturing vitamin A. Since then, major investments have transformed the site from into a highly-automated multi-line operation, making Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Panthenol.

DSM selected DST LifespanTM so that the next phase of major investments (a ten year lifetime extension plan), has a clear and robust business case. DST LifespanTM is a highly flexible decision-support tool used to identify the best value mix of capital investment, operating and maintenance costs, reliability/risks, asset performance and refurbishment or replacement interventions.

The project has studied over 50 equipment items so far, covering pumps, blowers, centrifuges, mixers, distillation columns, boilers, super heaters, heat exchangers, vessels, tanks and silos. As well as providing the business case for optimal replacement timing, the process has also identified several areas where alternative options provide a far more cost-effective solution.

Examples include pipework modifications and software upgrades to eliminate the need for centrifuge replacement, up-sizing of heat exchangers to reduce operational costs and improve product output, and improved operational processes to defer the need to bring a new silo on line.

David Deary, project support manager for DSM said; ‘The SALVO process and DST toolkit is helping us identify and demonstrate the best time to replace a wide range of deteriorating or obsolete assets and also show how much extra asset life can be achieved by overhaul or refurbishment. DST’s expert facilitation services have been invaluable in justifying investment and optimal timing around asset replacement and life extension decisions.


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